About Payment

  • 1. Payment Methods:

    Acceptable: PayPal, including credit card visa, MasterCard and American express.
  • 2. Secure Payment Gateway

    We use a secure payment gateway system provided by SagePay. This means that we never have your full card details, and never store your card information. This protects you against unauthorised transactions, and reduces the chances of card fraud so we can keep prices low. We also accept payments via PayPal. As this is done entirely through the PayPal system, we never have access to your card details.

    Note: At Uglamwig.com, we will take seriously your payment security, and strive to ensure your details and payment information is secure. And an SSL certificate means that communications between your computer and the web site are encrypted while you are in the checkout process. This makes it far harder for anyone to 'eavesdrop' your details if you are using a wireless network or shared connection.